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August 27, 2015

September GlobeIn Artisan Spoiler #2


We have the second spoiler for the September GlobeIn Artisan box!

Wellness Box will come with a handmade herbal eye pillow (Peru).
Price: $13

"Ease your runway into deeper sleep with an air of lavender from your herbal eye pillow.

Your eye pillow comes from deep inside the Amazon jungle and resonates with the cosmic awareness of its makers, a people known as the Shipibo. Despite increasing contact with the developed world, the Shipibo remain steeped in the spiritual environment of their ancestors, whose ancient geometric designs function as channels connecting the physical and spirit worlds.

Meandering rivers, star paths, the very veins of the universe repeat for all eternity across the facets of our being and the patterns of your hand-woven cotton pillow. The cotton has been dyed in mahogany bark and painted using a piece of bamboo dipped in the juice of the huito berry, a jungle fruit."

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