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September 22, 2015

September 2015 Flitwicks Review


I will honestly probably always have an over abundance of jewelry. I can't help it. One day you will see me on hoarders... One hand reaching out from a 6ft mountain of makeup and tangled necklaces. Seriously, I can't resist it. Sort of like how I couldn't resist trying out Flitwicks box!

If you aren't aware, Flitwicks is a brand new monthly jewelry subscription service that is 'Affordably Charming' The cost is $12.00 per month and includes 3 pieces of jewelry curated around the months theme.

The September theme is 'Wish' and since this is the very first box from Flitwicks, I was excited to see what it would hold!

Star & Moon Studs --- the beauty of a good pair of studs is a highly underrated thing. I love the simple design of these and how they still manage to make a statement since they aren't a matching pair.

Dandelion Wish Necklace --- I loooove this! I've seen the floating lockets like this becoming very popular lately.

We've all blown away dandelion seeds to make a wish haven't we? This is really beautiful and it opens up so you can replace the seeds with whatever you like in the future.

Wishbone Bracelet --- So cute. I have a wishbone necklace already that I wear frequently so this will be great to go along with it!

I'm really quite surprised with how much I like this box. All the pieces tie perfectly together and the quality is much better than I expected given the subscriptions price point. I look forward to watching FlitWicks grow and evolve!

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