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September 05, 2015

September 2015 Your Bijoux Box Review


I feel like I'm on the verge of going into my OCD modes. At least once a year I start getting the urge to obsessively clean and organize everything in my house. Apparently this time it's starting with me meticulously drying out my jewelry (much to my husbands relief. I usually start with the urge to renovate a room in the house!). Now I need to find new space in my organized jewelry box for the fabulous pieces in my September Your Bijoux Box!

Your Bijoux Box, who kindly sent me this box for review, is a monthly jewelry subscription service. The cost is $35 per month and includes 3 beautifully crafted pieces. It's not a customizable box so each subscriber receives the same pieces in their box, but that's never bothered me. Your Bijoux Box  delivers exactly what you want in a jewelry subscription. Not only are their pieces stylish and chic, they are also beautifully crafted and durable.

I was so so excited about this months box! Not only is it the first matching set from Your Bijoux Box, it's also their first box of entirely fair trade pieces.

On the included card is a bit about the 'Crimson Mimosa Set' and a few styling suggestions from Your Bijoux Box.

Crimson Mimosa Necklace --- This necklace is most definitely my favorite of the three pieces. I love way the color of the Crystal changes slightly with the light and like the other pieces, it's plated with an 18kt gold overlay.

Crimson Mimosa Bangle --- The bracelet in this set was the September box spoiler and I was immediately in love with it. The style is right on target for me.

Crimson Mimosa Earrings --- Aren't these just gorgeous? The have the same simplistic elegance of the matching pieces and I adore the gold accent piece on the front that matches the same detailing on the necklace.

I'd say that the first fair trade collection from  Your Bijoux Box was a complete hit! I love each piece and how it sparkles and shines when I'm wearing them. I really hope to see more pieces like this in future boxes!

Enjoying the September Your Bijoux Box? Tell us about it!

Disclosure: while this box was received complimentary in exchange for a review, it is honest and unbiased. All views expressed are my own and should be viewed as such.

Your Bijoux Box

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