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October 31, 2015

Julep Maven Halloween Welcome Box Review & Free Box Coupon


I have this obsession with nail polish that borders on unhealthy. The only issue is, I am so indecisive about what color I want to use. That's generally why you can usually find a new color on my nails every day. It's time consuming, yes, but a fresh coat of polish and a variation in the color just makes me all sorts of happy. Today, that happiness was delivered in the form of the Halloween Julep Maven Welcome box.

Julep Maven, for those who don't already know, is s monthly beauty subscription service. The cost is $24.99 per month and usually includes 3 items. Each month, Julep releases a new line of polish and you have the option to customize your box to receive the beauty products/nail polish you prefer.

A new welcome box launches every few weeks and when I saw the option for the Halloween box, I had to jump on and subscribe! There are several free Welcome Boxes currently available for new subscribers and all you have to pay is the $2.99 shipping cost. This does sign you up automatically for the $24.99 per month subscription but you can cancel that at any time if you don't wish to continue receiving a box!

I seriously adore these colors. Dark and bold... Perfect for the season and for my style as well!

Each Intro box comes with a welcome note from the founder and a coupon code for 50% off your first order.

Julep Gel Eye Glider --- I've used the Julep Gel liner before and I love it. The color is intense and applies smoother than most other g gel eyeliners I have used. Plus it lasts for hours. No smudge or budge!

'Tatiana' Nail Color --- Absolutely my favorite Julep color ever. I've seen some gorgeous polishes before but this one is just beyond. The orange isn't to bright and the shimmer is just beautiful!

'Sigourney' Nail Color --- I'm currently sporting this one now. Definitely not your run-of-the-mill black nail polish. This one sports a 'Stardust Finish' and dries to a rough texture with glitter flecks embedded in it.

'Hazel' Nail Color --- Purple is hands down one of my favorite colors ever and I love the shimmer almost duochrome finish to this one. Plus it's opaque in just two coats!

This is without question one of the best Welcome boxes I have seen from Julep Maven  The colors of the polish are all stunning and the eyeliner is equally fabulous! A great deal for the $2.99 shipping cost!

Current Free Welcome Box Codes:

--- November Birthstone Box use code 

--- Mad for Metallics Box use code 

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