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October 22, 2015

October 2015 Peaches & Petals Review


Ooooooook. In case you are somehow unaware, I am generally pretty peppy about most subscription boxes. I have very eclectic tastes and can usually find something wonderful about a product no matter the cost or brand. I can count on one hand how many times I have had to write a bad review. It brings me no joy, I take no pleasure in it, but I've always been honest with you dolls so no matter how badly I want to just forget about this box, I must give the blunt and honest truth. Welcome, my dolls, to the woeful and tragic tale of my October 2015 Peaches & Petals Box.

If you are unfamiliar, Peaches & Petals* is a new monthly beauty and style subscription service. The cost is extremely appealing at only $14.99 per month and subscribers can expect to find a hand curated selection of vintage-modern style and beauty products. 

I was really excited when I saw the size of the box when it arrived on my doorstep sadly, my excitement began to dwindle once the lid was opened and I took my first look.

The included information card tells you a bit about each item and the retail value.

Elizabeth Arden Tote Bag --- This was the first thing I saw when I opened my box and I am pretty underwhelmed. Don't get me wrong, I will use it, but there are a couple issues I have with this.

1.) This bag was, at some point in time, a gift with purchase for Elizabeth Arden.  To put a value of $40 on this thing is absurd to me when it was a promotional freebie. Never in a billion years would I pay that anoint for a plastic tote bag.

2.) ok. This one completely got me. Upon inspection of the bag, my husband and I discovered a long black strand hanging off the side. I originally thought that was a thread, turns out to be a very long thick black hair...root and all. Still, I'm sure your saying "it's just a hair, what's the big deal?" Feast your eyes on this.

The hair is SEWN INTO THE BAG! It wraps through the seam a number of times and then reappears on the other side. Yes, I know that Peaches & Petals had nothing to do with the making of this bag but it raises an issue with me it's called Quality Control. There's a standard that needs to be met in a business and I just feel like they fell short in getting there. This hair is extremely noticeable and I'm shocked it wasn't spotted while they packed the box. 

The beauty products for October were packaged I'm a smaller box.

Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Nail Polish --- I take a huge issue with this not having a seal of any sort and with the fact that there were large tacky blobs of polish on the outside rim of the bottle when I unscrewed the top. Something I see often when a polish has been previously used or 'tested'. I also really dislike the thick and globby formula (maybe that's just mine from being opened?). Mega Fail.

Anne Taintor Magnetic Postcard -- This confounds me. It doesn't feel like it really belongs with the other items in the box, like a last minute 'hey, let's throw this random item in there' kind of thing.

Not a brand I am even remotely familiar with. I found the formulation pretty awful for a day cream. It smells like my grandmothers cold cream from Avon and has this thick consistency that feels heavy and sticky on my skin. Not a fan.

Smashbox Glow On Eyeshadow Trio --- This was the nail in the coffin for me. There is some debate as to the legitimacy of this product. Peaches and Petals maintains that it is 100% real and not a counterfeit item. I have serious suspicions about this, but even if it is real, it's more than likely an old discontinued item. Sadly, that's not my only problem with this item.

The fact that this has no seal is enough to make me wary of using this but there's also the issue of dirt and fingerprint smudges on the inside of the lid. Also, If you look at the pink shade, you'll see another finger smudge on the eyeshadow itself, like someone swiped to test the color. This is all kinds of unacceptable to me. It leaves me dumbfounded.

Now this brings us back to my earlier issue about quality control. Things need to be inspected much more closely while packing a customers box! You cannot expect to retain and grow a business if you send items like these without a care. I had very high hopes for this box, honestly.... But I really am failing to find a single thing I like about it. They are a new company and mistakes and other issues are bound to happen. I may revisit this box again in a few months to see how they have grown and improved, but for now... It's lights out for me. 

What were your thoughts on this months Peaches & Petals? Share with us!

*Please Note that this is just my own personal opinion about the Peaches and Petals subscription. This is ment to be informative and was written with no malicious intent or motives!!!

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