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October 05, 2015

September 2015 Escape Monthly Review + Coupon


Ugh... Another month and still no lottery win. One day, my dolls, I will go radio silent. When that happens, you will know I've hit the jackpot and my family and I are globe trotting. For now, however, I get my travel fix from the fabulous subscription box known as Escape Monthly.

Escape Monthlywho kindly sent me this box for review, is a monthly lifestyle subscription service. Each month, subscribers will receive a 'vacation in a box' full of fabulous items curated around the featured destination. At $49.00 per month, it is a bit pricey, but it always has some phenomenal products that make it well worth the cost (for me, anyway). You can, however, lower that price tag by using coupon code MYESCAPE at signup. That knocks off 20% off your subscription for life, making your total monthly cost gown to $39.99.

Septembers destination is the beautiful country of Greece. I can remember writing a paper on it in high school and I became completely captivated by the culture and history. 

I'm seeing a pretty large selection of edible goodies this month. I only have one word for that... YAY!

Ivi Peach Juice Drink --- I generally get a bit nervous when I see a juice drink in a subscription box, simply because I generally don't enjoy the flavors I receive, but I really like this one. It tastes as sweet as a fresh peach and I loooove a good peach!

Misko Orzo Pasta --- known as Golden Manestra, orzo pasta has been used for generations. It's 100% durum wheat semolina that's used in many native dishes. I can't wait to try it out!

Serenata bars --- I've had these before and they are crazy delicious! Layers of sweet and yummy sugar wafers and milk chocolate make a perfect snack that lasted about 2.5 seconds in my house!

EAMA Mastic Gum --- I'm generally not a fan of Mastic gum but this one is better than most. Mastic is a natural resin that has been used in the Mediterranean for thousands of years to clean teeth and freshen breath.  

Papoutsanis Bar Soap --- A company that began 140 years ago must be doing something right! This Olive Oil soap is fabulous but simple. I love anything with natural ingredients, especially when it's olive oil!

Pocket Athens Guidebook --- This is one of my favorite things about Escape Monthly, the guidebook! This 280 page book not only lays out the city for you, it gives advice on how to prioritize your time to make sure you see and enjoy the sights while your there.

Illada Basil Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil --- I LOVE infused olive oil but I never buy it because it's usually more than I want to pay. Obviously, I'm over the moon to see this included! Made from pressed olives grown on the slopes of Mount Taygetus, the part of southern Greece that was the ancient home of the Spartans, how awesome is that?!

Evil Eye Trinket --- This was the September bonus item. Evil Eye bobbles are commonly seen hanging from trees as a way to keep bad luck away.

Mastic Care Hand Cream --- made with natural mastic, BIO oils and herbs. This hand cream is super rich and really hydrating for the skin. I love the mild scent as well.

I really liked this months box, but it isn't my all time favorite.. I like that this box was very food centric and they product quality is fabulous, I just feel like something is missing. Maybe it's just me!

Thoughts on Escape Monthly? Share with us!

Disclosure: this box was received at a discount in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and should be viewed as such.
Escape Monthly.

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