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November 12, 2015

Oui Please Volume 1.5 Review


I, like many others, have always held a deep love for luxury. High thread count sheets, designer shoes, imported perfumes, diamonds... What girl doesn't drool thinking of those things? Sadly, most of them are unavailable to me and my budget but that doesn't mean I can't indulge a little from time to time. My luxury fix comes in the form of a coveted subscription box known as Oui Please.

Oui Please, who very kindly sent me this box for review, is a luxury subscription service full of high end French goodies. The cost is $150.00 quarterly and contains a wide variety of items from Fashion and beauty to decor and edibles.  Needless to say, it's fabulous. The very best of what France has to offer in one gorgeous presentation!

This particular box is Vol. 1.5 'Along the Loire Valley'. There is always a wide variety of product variation in their boxes so instead of the typical information card you will find a Oui Please Magazine. This detailed and beautiful little booklet gives you information on all the products that could be in yours and other subscribers boxes. And speaking of the box.. I don't believe I have ever encountered a subscription where the actual box itself was this nice. It's strong and sturdy with a ribbon hinge inside. Very befitting of the products held within!

Please excuse me while I have a mild heart attack. I mean, WOW!! I can't remember ever being this excited about a first look. Every item makes me deliriously  happy just seeing it! I'm enthralled...

Marina de Burbon Wallet - $45.00 --- I adore this! The way the leather is weaved  on the outside. And the color is gorgeous as well.

 The inside is just as nice. There is plenty of room for my cash, cards, and change. The leather is super soft and supple and the zippers are well made too. I switched to this one immediately!

Concept Provence Body Scrub - $20.00 --- When I say this scrub is luxurious, i mean it! It smells absolutely divine too. Cleans your skin and leaves it silky smooth and helps to remove toxins from the body and tone your skin. 

Concept Provence Facial Lotion - $20.00 --- While the bottle says lotion, it's actually a toner. Keeps the skin hydrated and nourished nourished with BIO hamamelis floral water. I like it but it's really heavily perfumed.

Salome Charly Trie Bracelet - $50.00 --- Completely my style and I absolutely love it! Delicate but still makes a statement. Hand carved in Cherry Wood while the chain is a lightweight golden brass.

Historiae Orangerie Du Roy Fragrance - $40.00 --- I love the packaging on this little travel perfume. The scent is a bit off putting at first but it fades to a rather nice, earthy scent. Notes of lemon, sweet orange, petitgrain, basil & ylang ylang.

L'attelier Roasted Almonds - $15.00 --- Can I just say, these are heaven!? I love almonds in general but these are beyond delicious. Crafted in an artisanal fashion with only regional, organic ingredients. They are carmelizied and sprinkled with sea salt. Yummy!

Historiae Rose De France Candle - $50.00 --- this candle is beautiful and smells fantastic with not only damasceria rose, but also notes of bergamot and magnolia. It has a great burn time as well.  And the way the flame glows through the glass and illuminates the holders artwork is gorgeous.

La ROUTE des COMPTOIRS 'Reine De Damas' Tea - $30.00 --- This tea is glorious! It's unlike any other tea I drink, for sure! A delicate, rose infused white tea. Very light and delicious! And I love the packaging as well.

Savor & Sens Walnut Mustard - $15.00 --- This is the only thing I'm just kinda on the fence about. It's not terrible but I wouldn't call it amazing either. I do, however, really like it in the use of marinades. 

Princesse Marina De Bourbon Paris Dynastie Perfume - $160.00 --- It's difficult for me to find a perfume I like but I really really love this one. Topped with fruity notes and grounded by Patchouli. It reminds me of a really fragrant wine or just the sweet scent of grapes in general. I adore it!

I am really impressed with the 1.5 Oui Please box. I know there is sometimes dissapointment with the product variations but all I can give my opinion on is what I received and I gotta tell you, I really loved every single item I received. The product quality and variety is just sublime. Oui Box has taken a piece of my  heart to France forever! Je l'aime cela!

Thoughts on Oui Please? Share with us!

Disclosure: While this box was received complimentary in exchange for a review, it is honest and unbiased. All views and opinions expressed in this article are solely my own and should be viewed as such.

Oui PleaseOui Please,

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