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February 29, 2016

February 2016 Little Lace Box Review


There are never enough hours in the day. I swear, every night I think about all the things still on my to do list. I can't turn my mind off, that's the real problem. My brain swirls with too many thoughts at night. I'm sure you've noticed that these late hours are generally when I publish my reviews. Today, Im actually on schedule though and this review happens to be for one of my favorite boxes.... The February Little Lace Box.

If you aren't familiar, Little Lace Box is a bimonthly lifestyle subscription box. Curated by three sisters, LLB deliveres amazing hard to find items from new up and coming brands and designers. The cost is $49.99 (after your first box which costs $59.99) every other month and believe me, it is worth every single penny. 

Ok, so, when it comes to a well curated box, LLB hits a home run every time. I can't ever be disappointed with it. So much care and thought goes into every item and it shows. These ladies have an incredible knack for curating!

Obviously, in the Valentines spirit, the theme for the February box is Love Letters

Inside you'll find a super detailed information sheet to give you all the details on your items and why they were chosen.

Vine Street Market USA Canvas Tote - $35.99 --- I love this tote! I'm a fan of the reusable fold away totes in general but I believe this may be my new favorite one. Made by an eco friendly bag company based in LA, these bags are made from repurposed and organic materials. Plus, the design is super cute!

Letters To My Love by Lea Redmond - $14.99 --- This is one of the most beautiful ideas ever. This is actually an Oprah Favorite item. 

Each page look like an envelope but the back folds out to double as the letter. It's like a written time capsule for the person or people you love. A place to write down the emotional impact of certain events in a relationship. It's so beautiful.

Ever Mine Red Metallic Executive Pen - $8.99 --- You can't write those love letters without a pen now can ya? This is a very sturdy and well balanced pen with is inscribed with a reminder of this months theme.

Deny Designs Throw Pillow - $39.99 --- Obviously a large throw pillow wouldn't fit in this months box so subscribers received a voucher via email. There are thousands upon thousands of designs to choose from so it was incredibly difficult to pick one. They feature designs from artists all over the world and the pillow itself is probably one of the sturdiest but softest throw pillow I've ever owned.

Yedi Housewares Inside Out Heart Tea Cup & Saucer - $8.99 --- This is so freaking cute and I am in love with it! Another Oprah Favorite, the tea cup is designed so that whatever liquid you fill it with forms a gorgeous heart within the cup. It's beautiful and fun and such a unique item!

Wild Ophelia Peanut Butter Cups - $2.99 --- This are so delicious and I must have more. There was a variation on the flavors you could have received but I'm super happy to have tried the toasted coconut one. Coconut in chocolate is my favorite thing ever and these were absolutely amazing!

This was another perfect and incredible curation by Little Lace Box  Each item fits into the theme collectively yet still manages to be completely different and unique on their own. God,I love this subscrption!!!

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