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March 21, 2016

March 2016 Flitwicks Box Review


Well, it has officially started. The impending Summertime madness looms ever closer and that means just one thing for me.... Chaos. Baseball season has begun and once my sons games kick off, it's go-go-go till June. I love it, but man is it hectic! Sadly, the craziness cuts into my writing time so ya'll will have to excuse my tardiness until things die down. For the moment, things are all quiet though so let's talk about the March Flitwicks box!

If you aren't aware, Flitwicks is a fairly new monthly jewelry subscription service that is 'Affordably Charming' The cost is $12.00 per month (plus s+h) and includes 3 pieces of jewelry curated around a monthly theme.

I have really been enjoying all the beautiful pieces I've received from Flitwicks box and how well the items tie into the monthly theme. March's box is the bow box.

We are certainly starting on a strong note, aren't we? I love this piece! It's not but not overly so and I love the snake style chain!

Here's a closer look. I always love a classic piece like this that makes a statement but can still be worn with everything.

So pretty! I honestly don't wear bracelets to often because my wrists are freakishly small and they tend to fall off me, but these actually work. I love stacking bracelets and have a set very similar to these in another color. These are perfect!

They have sent some gorgeous rings lately! I love love love a great adjusts let ring. As I mentioned above how tiny my wrists are, the same can be said about my fingers. My actually ring size is a 5 (which I can very rarely find in a store) so being adjustable is a must for me

It's just as pretty on too! I love the double band and how the bow connects them. It's delicate and super girly and will be worn often!

You know, I had doubts about Flitwicks box in the beginning. How can you get decent quality jewelry for only $12 per month? I will say now that my doubts were completely erased with my first box. I've loved each piece from Flitwicks and they've only gotten better and better each time. I can't get enough of this box!

Thoughts on Flitwicks Box? Share with us!

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