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April 03, 2016

March 2016 Serendipity by Little Lace Box Review


The dangers of playing sports have hit. Today's baseball practice resulted in a solid ball to my son's mouth and a tooth flying out immediately after. He took it like a champ though, and went right back to practicing. While he shakes it off, I stress. I'm an overprotective mom, what can I say? Writing my reviews always helps me De-Stress though so here I am with the March Serendipity by Little Lace Box.

Serendipity by LLB is a bi-monthly lifestyle subscription service. The cost is only $10 every other month and that's pretty freaking incredible considering it is a lifestyle box. Little Lace Box curates these because there are so many amazing things they love but aren't able to feature in their full sized box. This sub sells out ridiculously fast so I tried for months to catch it when it became available and was finally able to snag myself a spot last month!

If you want to know why this particular subscription is so popular, you need only look inside the box to find out! Keep in mind, this box is only $10. It's crazy!

The team at LLB always includes a really beautifully laid out information guide to let everyone know more about the items and why they were chosen.

Kate Aspen Gold Love Glass Coaster Set - $3.55 --- I love coasters. Such a simple thing can make a nice change in decor.. Plus all my tables are wooden and I get a touch crazy if I see water rings on the finish. Seriously people, it's not difficult to use a coaster. It's already sitting there... Just set your damn drink on top of it! Now where was I, oh yes. These glass coasters feature a design in gold foil and are just gorgeous. 

Fat Witch Bakery Brownie - $2.95 --- An Oprah Favorite! Who doesn't love a good brownie? This one has been dubbed 'New York City's Legendary Brownie' and oh my lord is it delicious! 

27 oz Vintage Inspired Storage Canister - $13.99 --- Before I detail it any further, let me just say that the depth of my love for this item is ridiculous. I adore Vintage and vintage inspired items and my whole house is peppered with them, most especially my kitchen. This goes beautifully with the brick paved kitchen floor and the cabinets I painstakingly distressed and antiqued my hand. 

There was a slight variation on canisters but I'm happy I got this one. It's practical, large and beautifully made!

Pamela Barsky 6x8 Pouch - $16.50 --- This is hilarious and completely me. I've seen the rant video that this line came from and immediately cracked up laughing when I read it. It's nice to see a designer with the same witty and sarcastic humor as me. I love it!

Modern Sprout Kraft Seed Starter Kit - $5.66 --- Another Oprah Favorite! I love little kits like this. Designed by Nick & Sarah Burrows after realizing there was no space for a garden in their tiny Chicago Apartment, these hydroponic Planter kits are 'Simple, Stylish, and fertile with success'!

Did I mention to you how absolutely thrilled I am to have finally landed a Serendipity subscription? Cause I'm Sooo so happy! I love the full Little Lace Box so I obviously knew it would be wonderful, but this just blows my mind, especially considering the price tag! I'm holding on to this subscription and never letting go! To the gorgeous ladies of LLB, you rock!!

Thoughts on Serendipity by LLB? Share with us!

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