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July 27, 2016

July 2016 Peaches & Petals Review


If there is one thing that reviewing subscription boxes for the last 3 years has taught me, it's that every company deserves a second chance. When I company starts out, I generally suspect there will be a few flaws. When I encounter such issues, I like to step back, give a company a few months to really get things on track, then give them another chance. It's always amazing to do this and marvel at just how far a business has come. My first experience with Peaches & Petals (as some of you may recall) was far from great. This month I decided to dive back into this subscription and I must say, I'm quite happy I did!

Peaches & Petals, if you aren't familiar, is a monthly lifestyle subscription service. The cost is $19.99 per month and each box will contain a mix of fashion, beauty and lifestyle items curated around a theme. 

The theme for July's box is Dance to the Music. From my first little glimpse, I think this is going to be a really fun box!

Included is a nicely made information card that gives you all the details on the items featured in this month's box.

Chroma Lights Temporary Hair Color Spray --- Ok, so the hairdresser in me cringed at first glance (because box dye's are our worst nightmare. Seriously people, just don't do it!) but this is s temporary spray in color so I'm cool with it now! It's this funky metallic teal that look awesome on the tips of your hair. It's fun, different, and washes out without any problems. 

Cool Core Cooling Towel --- Oddly enough, I was looking at buying one of these a few weeks ago! I went to an outdoor concert and ended up passing out from the heat. Oh how I wish I had this then!

Flower Headband --- This isn't my typical thing but I actually kind of like this. It's got that hippie, Woodstock sort of feel to it, which is more than appropriate considering this month's theme. Obviously it isn't an everyday style but I'll wear it at some point, for sure.

Makeup Cleansing Wipes --- When are makeup remover wipes ever a bad thing? It's a product I keep stockpiled myself and I have them stashed all over the place. A night out at concerts and festivals means your skin can use a serious cleansing when it's over. A perfect and practical item.

Boombotix Mini Bluetooth Speaker --- Obviously, this is my favorite item! I have several small Bluetooth speakers like this but I'm totally fine with another one (I have them in nearly every room of my house). The design is different and has a clip on the back as well. I also think the sound quality is pretty impressive!

Engraved Lyric Bracelet --- Because who doesn't need a Don't Stop Belevin' bracelet? I love the wrap design of it but I'm probably a tiny bit to old to wear it, so I'll most likely pass this along to one of my nieces.

Wow. Just, seriously, wow! What a difference a few months makes!! I really loved this box, especially compared to the last time. I liked the theme and each item tied cohesively together. They've just   Impressed me and I can't wait to see if this happiness will carry over into next month's box too!

Thoughts on Peaches & Petals? Share with us!

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