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July 09, 2016

June 2016 Inspired Room Box Review


I adore shopping. The thrill in finding new treasures to hoard is intoxicating. My favorite thing though, my biggest weakness, is home decor. It's rare for me to not find some new, beautiful decorative item to bring home and obsess over. I'm like Gollum, sitting in the corner, caressing a picture frame and lovingly calling it 'my precious'. Ok, so I'm not quite that bad but I'm close! With that in mind, when I was approached to review a new home decor subscription, I got very excited. Say hello to Inspired Room Box.

Inspired Room Box, who kindly sent me this box for review, is a brand new Home Decor subscription service. The cost is $54.97 per month (plus s+h) and includes 3-5 high quality decor items. There are 3 style options available (modern, vintage, and rustic) and each month is curated around a particular room in your home. This review is for the Modern Style box.

I was giddy when Inspired Room asked me to try them out. There is a massive shortage of home decor subscriptions out there and I always get excited to see a new one!

Included in your box, you'll find a detailed  information card that tells you about each item featured.

The June box is all about Your Inspired Master Bedroom. The founder of Inspired Room Box is Interior Designer, Jill Weadick, and she has even included some design tips to make your master bedroom even more fabulous!

AromaSoy Tranquil Sleep Candle --- Oh sweet lord, this is amazing! No joke, this is probably my favorite candle in the history of candles. It is glorious and I must buy more asap. It's 100% soy with a cotton wick and as a really nice burn time of 40-45 hours. I love the glass container and the scent really is spectacular!

Brass Foliage Dish --- I admit, I may have done a happy dance when I unwrapped this beauty! 

Another angle. It really is magnificent. The design and detail is gorgeous and it's a great addition to my dresser. Perfect for small jewelry or loose change.

Fresh White Mints --- Not really a decor item but It still fits nicely with the bedroom theme and they are yummy!

Geometric Diamond Cut Candle Holders --- another completely perfect item! I love the two different sizes and the diamond cut pattern on the frosty white exterior. Together or apart, these are wonderful.

As beautiful as the outside is, the inside is even better. The gold interior makes the light of a flame look almost magical and I love how the pattern reflects the candles glow!

Lavender Sachet --- Just a small little bonus item. I love lavender sachet's and I'm tucking this one into my linen closet. 

I freaking LOVE this box! It is completely amazing and just an all around perfect box for me. Each piece is high quality, beautiful, and cohesive. It truly is a box full of treasures and I am beyond impressed. I need more Inspired Room Box!

What are your thoughts on Inspired Room Box? Tell us what you think!

Disclosure: While this box was received complimentary in exchange for a review, it is honest and unbiased. All views and opinions expressed here are solely my own. 

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