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August 23, 2016

August 2016 Coco & Peri Review


Ugh. You know what I hate? I hate being sick. I have a seriously crappy immune system so if someone sneezes in my general direction chances are pretty good that I will catch something. Fever just makes me not want to move so I've been layed up in bed all day. Today's mail did manage to cheer me up a bit though because the August Coco & Peri box arrived!

Coco & Peri, who kindly sent me this box for review, is a monthly jewelry subscription service. For $34.00 per month, you will receive a selection of 3 simplistic jewelry pieces that add a little sparkle your everyday wear. They hand pick every piece from artisans around the world to find you quality, easy-to-wear pieces that will refresh your looks. 

The packaging of this box is just beautiful! It looks so sleek and elegant on the outside and is just as pretty on the inside. And I am always really happy to see each piece of jewelry in its own pouch. Nobody wants a tangled mess of chains!

This is, more than likely, about to become my new favorite everyday necklace. I love how dainty and delicate this piece is. This is what I love most - things that go with everything!

A closer look. Simple and super chic and the v design is perfect. I love it so!

As with rings, I often have difficulty finding bracelets that work on me due to my tiny wrists. This piece however, is magnificent and perfect for me!

An absolutely perfect fit. The band is thin and dainty and I love the way the stones are set. Just lovely!

These are my favorite piece, I think. Years ago, I hated wearing studs but these days I wear them all the time. These are small but not so small as to be unnoticeable. I love how the setting rims the stones and the cut of the facets just catches the light beautifully.

If you love classic, sleek, and elegant jewelry then Coco & Peri is a must have. I was shocked at how absolutely gorgeous each piece is in both design and craftsmanship. Each one will be worn regularly and they won't ever go out of fashion. Coco & Peri is a truly impeccable subscription and so so very special!

Thoughts on Coco & Peri? Share with us!

Disclosure: While this box was received complimentary in exchange for a review, it is honest and unbiased. All views expressed here are solely my own and should be viewed as such. Post contains affiliate links.

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