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September 06, 2016

September 2016 Wantable Accessories Review


Well, my AC crisis has been fixed for now. Thank god for the glorious invention of window units and for my parents who happened to have an extra one lying around. One of these days, my husband will learn not to tinker on things he doesn't know anything about. Why must all men think they are born with the knowledge to fix everything? But let's talk about something much more interesting now, shall we? How about the September Wantable Accessories box!

Wantable, who kindly sent me this box for review, is without question my favorite subscription service. They offer a wide range of boxes to choose from: Accessories, Intimates and Makeup  (They also offer a fabulous style and fitness edit but they don't work like the three I just mentioned). Each of the three traditional subscriptions costs $40 a month and you will generally receive 4-5 items. Their return policy is absoloutly fabulous as well. You may return items you don't like and receive a partial refund or return them all for a full refund with no questions asked. Love everything in your box? If you keep all the items you'll receive a $4 credit to put towards your next box.

I will forever love how customizable Wantable subscriptions are. You can tweak your settings at any time to fit your needs. I mix mine up seasonally as trends and colors change. 

Oh! I get loads of pretty baubles this month!

Taren Earrings --- Love these! They most certainly make an impact but they aren't over the top. They have this wonderful vintage vibe to them that I just really really adore.

Gold Kayla Necklace  --- One of those classic looking pieces you can never go wrong with. It's long and really such a versatile necklace that can be worn in any season. 

A closer look. I love the tiny balls along the chain and the stone is just so fantastic to look at!

Brandi Ring --- I wish you could see the detail on this a bit better but it's so tiny that I had some difficulty photographing it. It's simple but I love it!

Adaline Bracelet --- I think this is one of my favorite bracelets ever from Wantable. First of all, it's stretchy so it actually fits my wrist. And just look at the swirls in the marble and how nicely it contrasts with the chunky links on the band. So pretty!

Multi Kayla Necklace --- I requested this one from my Stream and I'm so happy that I did! It's another one of those versatile pieces that I'm going to be incorporating into my Fall wardrobe a lot!

I mean, really? How could you not like this pendant? Again, there's something modern about it but it's also got this vintage vibe going on too. The best of both worlds, huh?

Oh my dear Wantable  You never fail me and I love you for it.  You dolls know I adore this box each and every time but this was an especially spectacular one for me! They rocked it!

Thoughts on Wantable? Share with us!

Disclosure: While this box was received complimentary in exchange for a review, it is honest and unbiased. All thoughts expressed in this review are solely my own. Post contains affiliate links.

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