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October 09, 2016

Fall 2016 Walmart Beauty Box Review


I do love my little country life. Fresh air, lots of space, no weirdo neighbors (like I had when I lived in town years ago). It's all wonderful.... Until they start burning the fields that surround my house. It's not so much the smoke that I mind (actually I find that scent rather nice), it's the massive allergies it triggers that I hate. Itchy eyes, stuffy nose... It's annoying. You know what's not annoying though? Finding the Fall Walmart Beauty Box in my mail!

If you aren't familiar, Walmart Beauty is a quarterly subscription service that delivers sample and occasionally full sized beauty products to your door. It's extremely affordable at only $5 per quarter (the box itself is advertised as free do the cost is just for shipping really) and it's a great way to discover new, mass market products. 

Ok, this is obviously already well worth the tiny cost of the box. What's not to love?

EcoTools Brush Cleansing Cloths --- I've never seen these before but I love the idea. A wet wipe to clear the product buildup on my brushes? Yes please!

Biore Charcoal Pore Strips --- I love pore strips and these charcoal ones are fabulous. They work really well and it's crazy how much you see when you take it off. It pulls all that microscopic gunk right out of your pores!

Colgate Optic White Toothpaste --- See? This product alone is worth the cost of the box. Who doesn't need toothpaste? Especially when said toothpaste is one of my favorites!

Nature's Bounty Gummies --- A friend of mine swears by these but I've never tried them. They taste alright and anything that helps my skin, hair and nails is worth a shot!

Vaseline Advanced Repair Lotion --- I feel like this is one of those brands I always forget about. Vaseline creates some pretty phenomenal skincare products and this lotion is a great example of that. It worked wonders on my feet!

Clean & Clear Deep Action Shower Mask --- Ok, this is fabulous. There are so many times when you just don't have the time to do a full facial mask treatment. This is a 60 second mask that works with the steam of your shower to cleanse deep into your skin.

Village Naturals Mineral Bath Soak --- I love bath soaks/salts. I love that slight menthol smell and the Epsom salts are fabulous on any sore, tired muscles.

Dove Purely Pampering Body Wash --- There has never been a time when I disliked a body wash from Dove. They smell amazing and the nutrium moisture penetrates deep and leaves my skin incredibly soft and clean.

This is one of those boxes that you just really can't go wrong with. I love rediscovering drugstore brands I've forgotten that are not only fabulous, but easy to find. I just wish they put out more than 4 boxes a year!

Thoughts on the Walmart Beauty Box? Share with us!

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