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November 02, 2016

October 2016 Savors Of Europe Review


I love cooking and I especially love fresh ingredients. I think that here in the US we take the full flavor that comes from fresh ingredients for granted. It's not until you bite into fresh meat and/or veggies that you can truly appreciate the difference. I love food subscription boxes that feature European ingredients because they always tend to compliment fresh ingredients more than the overly processed grocery store items we are accustomed to. Today I discovered an amazing example of that with Savors of Europe!

Savors of Europe, who kindly sent me this box for review, is a monthly subscription of curated and rare gourmet European products. The cost per month is $75 per month and each box contains a "selection of 6-7 gourmet items, a mix of appetizers, desserts, everything for a full entrée and ingredients for a sophisticated cooking sessions the way you want it."

I see chocolate and mushrooms. That makes me happy since I love both of those items (separately, of course!).

There's a very nicely laid out information card that lists each of the items in your box and gives you a more in depth look at the details on each one. 

Atelier Françoise Fleuriet Vineger --- Each month, SoE shines the spotlight on one special Artisan and this month it's Atelier Françoise Fleuriet. They create some truly fantastic high end Vinegers in France. This particular one is a lovely rose color with a sweet And versatile fruity flavor. It's suggested as an excellent addition to salad dressings, fruit vinaigrette, sweet & sour sauces, marinades, and fruit/vegetable chutneys. They also include a recipe that incorporates the Vineger for a fruit salad with strawberries in a sweet & sour sauce

Mariangela Prunotto Organic Arrabbiata Pasta Sauce --- This is so amazing! The tomatoes and peppers are organic and turned into this sauce within 48 hours of being harvested. The sauce is cooked in large, open pots then packaged up in jars without any additives. It's a world renowned sauce made from a traditional recipe and it has a great, spicy kick to it!

Kalios Kalamata Olive Spread --- Honestly, I'm not a huge olive fan but this looks fantastic. Made with Greek Kalamata Olives that have a deep purple tint and a big, meaty texture. This spread is made through a secret family method involving the removal of the olives skin and pit then crushing the pure olive flesh and conserving it in a bit of olive oil. 

Inaudi Dried Mushrooms --- I hated mushrooms as a kid but oh how I love them now. Hand processed by the Inaudi family in Piemonte, Italy, these intensely flavored and meaty dried mushrooms go fantastically with sauces or sautéed vegetables. Just soak them in some water to rehydrate and add them to your dish!

Filotea Artisanal Linguine --- There are two things in this world that are just heavenly when they are freshly made - bread and pasta. Made in Marche, Italy by artisan pasta maker Filotea. This egg pasta is based off ancient recipes that make it incredibly light, easy to digest, and it's rough texture allows it to soak up the sauce even better.

Marlette Fondant Au Chocolat Mix ---   So... This was amazing in every possible way. I mean, holy crap is it yummy! This organic, gluten free mix lets you enjoy the classic French dessert at home. It's a rich  and dense exterior with a gooey melting chocolate center. It is pure bliss!

Stella Bio Plum Jam --- Stella Croatica jams are handmade according to traditional, generations old recipes. The rich and juicy Croatian Plums used are organically grown, hand-picked, and naturally processed. I love plums and I love this jam just as much!

Good lord, this box was a glorious culinary masterpiece! I'm not even slightly exaggerating here. This box, these ingredients, are so rich and so flavorful that I'm a bit speechless. It may be a bit pricy but for the quality of all these imported ingredients, it's a justifiable expense. I'm floored!

Thoughts on Savors of Europe? Share with us!

Disclosure: while this box was received complimentary in exchange for a review, it is honest and unbiased. All views and opinions expressed are solely my own and should be viewed as such.

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