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December 29, 2016

December 2016 Your Bijoux Box Review


So, with the New Year only days away, I still haven't figured out what our plan is for New Years Eve. I used to love parties and doing it up big but these days I'm perfectly content to just be with my family or a small group of friends. That was how we spent last year and just hanging out with that handful of friends was perfect. I guess I'm just getting old. I used to think watching the guitar drop on Beale would be so fun but I think about it now and I just do not want to be like a sardine packed in a can. If I can't move, how do I have fun? Anyways, whatever we do, I still like to get dressed up and what better to build a fabulous outfit around than the sparkles in my December Your Bijoux Box!

Your Bijoux Box, who kindly sent me this box for review, is a monthly jewelry subscription service. The cost is $35 per month and includes 3 beautifully crafted pieces. It's not a customizable box so each subscriber receives the same pieces in their box, but that's never bothered me. Your Bijoux Box delivers exactly what you want in a jewelry subscription. Not only are their pieces stylish and chic, they are also beautifully crafted and durable.


Im already tripping out over the gorgeous pattern on this months bonus item! Yay!


As always, inside you'll find the information card. This tells you a bit about each item you received in the December collection. 


Deepa Gurnani Holiday Bracelet --- This has become one of my favorite companies lately. Just look at that flawless combo of sparkles and beading. Of course that's no surprise for a Deepa Gurnani piece!


David & Young Scarf --- As I mentioned before, I'm so freaking in love with  this scarf. It could not be any more spot on with my style if it tried. The patterns are gorgeous and the feel of the cashmere is just divine. It's my new favorite scarf!


Juliette Necklace & Earrings --- Oh Bijoux Box, you really have mastered your craft. I can always count on their earrings and necklaces to be beautiful and clearly, they've hit it out of the park once again.


I swear, every month I say that this box is the best one yet and they just keep doing it! I fall more deeply in love with this box with every collection and it's not hard to see why, I adore each piece and the bonus scarf was probably my favorite one they've ever included. Mama like!!

Thoughts on Your Bijoux Box? Share with us!

Disclosure: While this box was received complimentary in exchange for a review, it is honest and unbiased. All opinions expressed here are solely my own. Post contains affiliate links.

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