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January 20, 2017

January 2017 LitCube Review


So, you may have noticed that I've been on a teeny bit of a book box binge lately. Yes, I am a book nerd and I am not even a little ashamed of it. For as long as I can remember, I have been obsessed with reading. I mean, full on obsessed. I currently have about 300 books on my shelf that I haven't gotten to yet, but I can't stop myself from adding more to it. It's an addiction and I don't care. Today I'm adding a new box to my list, one I've never tried before, and I'm super excited! It's the January 2017 LitCube!


LitCube, for those of you who don't already know, is a Monthly book based subscription service. The cost is $34.95 per month and Each month you will receive a specially curated box of awesome books and high quality book-geekery products that tie in with the monthly theme.


I already see food and a signed bookplate. They already know the key to my heart! 


The January box theme is 'Mother of Dragons' and I'm sure we all know what that's a reference to! The information card included tells you a bit about each item in your box.


Corn Chips & Nacho Cheese ---  we all need a quick and easy snack sometimes, especially one I can eat one handed as I read a good book! 


GoT Fabric Wall Scroll --- I have no shame in it... I immediately put this up in our bedroom. Honestly, I've only just nowstarted to get into GoT but this is so gorgeous that I don't think anyone (fan or not) could dislike it. This artwork is just stunning and it's a LitCube Exclusive!


Dragon Claw Necklace --- So so pretty! I love the length of the chain and the Dragon claw design. I especially like the red ball in the claws grasp. Red happens to be my absolute favorite color ever! 


Embroidered GoT Pillowcase --- Another item I will happily admit to using immediately. The embroidery of the intricate font on the edge is just amazing. It's a large pillowcase too and it's a nice soft texture as well. No scratchy low Thread-count here!

HeartStone by Elle Katharine White --- Obviously, the title and cover of this book have immediately grabbed my attention. Also, the fact that this is a play off of my much beloved 'Pride & Prejudice' just makes me even more excited to read it!  I am a diehard fantasy fan and I love to see reimagined classics and retellinga! Here's the synopsis from Amazon: 

"They say a Rider in possession of a good blade must be in want of a monster to slay—and Merybourne Manor has plenty of monsters. 

Passionate, headstrong Aliza Bentaine knows this all too well; she’s already lost one sister to the invading gryphons. So when Lord Merybourne hires a band of Riders to hunt down the horde, Aliza is relieved her home will soon be safe again.
Her relief is short-lived. With the arrival of the haughty and handsome dragonrider, Alastair Daired, Aliza expects a battle; what she doesn’t expect is a romantic clash of wills, pitting words and wit against the pride of an ancient house. Nor does she anticipate the mystery that follows them from Merybourne Manor, its roots running deep as the foundations of the kingdom itself, where something old and dreadful slumbers . . . something far more sinister than gryphons.
It’s a war Aliza is ill-prepared to wage, on a battlefield she’s never known before: one spanning kingdoms, class lines, and the curious nature of her own heart."


You guys know it always makes me extra happy when I get either a signed bookplate or signed copy of a book. It's the way to my heart...


Also included was this little Heartstone pen. A nice extra little swag item!


I've encountered a large number of book subscriptions that are hit or miss so I never quite no who's to expect from them. Thankfully, this one was a hit with me. There's such a great mix of items and the quality of them is especially impressive! Can't wait to try this one again soon!

Thoughts on LitCube? Share with us! 

Disclosure: While this box was received complimentary in exchange for a review, it is honest and unbiased. All views and opinions expressed are solely my own!

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