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February 17, 2017

January 2017 Kal-Elle Fandom Monthly Review & Coupon


That's it. I've had enough! Make up your freaking mind, Mother Nature!! Is it Winer? Is it Spring? The answer seems to be different every day. And these crazy warm 70 degree days followed by 30 degree temperatures the very next day is determined to make my whole house sick every other week. We are presently experiencing the colder side of things and I can already feel the sickness preparing to pounce on me once again... ugh!!! Before that happens though, let's play a bit of catch-up look at the January Kal-Elle box!


Kal-Elle, who very kindly sent me this box for review, is an absolutely amazing monthly fandom box geared towards us of the female persuasion.  The cost is $19.00 per month every month you will  receive a box of specially hand selected high quality fandom inspired designs that tie into the months theme. Want a little extra incentive to subscribe? Use coupon code DIXIE at checkout for 25% off your first box!


As you can see, this months box features two of my favorite brothers in television history - Sam and Dean Winchester from the CW's Supernatural.


Gun Earrings --- if you've ever watched the show, especially the earlier seasons, you know how significant the Colt Revolver was. That would send some demon ass bye-bye for sure! I love these!


Art Print --- I don't think I can ever have enough art prints, especially the colorful ones that Kal-Elle always sends out. They look wonderful in frames around my house.

Bracelet --- I love this so much! This simple but awesome little cuff was designed by the Kal-Elle team and the engraving couldn't be more perfect for a Supernatural theamed box. 


Tote Bag --- I wish I could properly explain the depth of love for this tote bag. If it has Jensen Ackles on it, I want it. Seriously, he was one of my first celebrity crushes starting with his role as Eric Brady on Days of our Lives. He's just so damn pretty!


Necklace --- I am so rocking this necklace right now. The Kansas license plate could not be more perfect if it tried.


Vinyl Decal --- 12 years ago, I would so have slapped this baby on my bedroom mirror. While I won't do that now, I know I can find someplace for it!


Magnet & Ring --- Oh the Impala and Dean's obsession with Classic Rock. This s is now sitting happily on my fridge with my other fandom magnets!


Here's a better shot of the ring. It's super pretty and a perfect little nod to everyone's favorite Angel - Cas!


Another completely awesome, kick ass box! I was so happy with this months theme and the detail that the team at Kal-Elle puts into their curation is so well thought out. Each item has a big significance to the fandom and it's just all around fabulous!

Thoughts on Kal-Elle Fandom Monthly? Share with us!

Disclosure: I am a brand ambassador for Kal-Elle. While this box was received at no cost to myself, the views and opinions expressed in this review are solely my own. This review is honest and unbiased. 

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