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April 24, 2017

April 2017 The Corporate Gal Box Review

In just a few weeks time, I will be celebrating my 30th birthday. Where is the time going? In high school, 30 seemed so old and so far away that it was hard to imagine ever actually being that age. There are a lot of things I never thought I'd do when I grew older but now all those things have come to pass and it's so odd to look back at a time when I didn't get crazy excited over things like a new vacuum cleaner. It's silly how little we knew at that age. I wouldn't change a lick of my life now though. Getting older isn't so bad when your surrounded by people and places you love! Now enough rambling, let's crack open the April Corporate Gal box!

The Corporate Gal , who very kindly sent me this box for review, is a quarterly subscription box geared towards the modern working woman. They ship from Canada and the cost per box is $39.99 (plus s+h. I live in the US so the shipping cost would have been about $20 for me.) per month. Every season (March, June, September, & December) you'll "receive a new work bag and every month get a box of wonderful goodies, from fashion to beauty products, to jewelry and accessories, to books, to skin care, to planners and exclusive offers from partners and more." 

There's a nice note tucked inside from the founder of The Corporate Gal that tells you a bit about the box and why some of the items were chosen. 

This bag is everything. Seriously, I am completely head over heels in love with it. The shade of blue is just gorgeous and I love the silver clasp and buckle hardware. The fabric itself feels like a micro-suede of sorts and the size is large but not overly so. It also comes with a full shoulder strap but I like it better with just the handle being used. The quality seems great and well made so it should stand up to heavy wear. 

All the extra items are packaged within the purse and I thought that was a nice touch. Adds a bit more fun to it while you take each item out one by one. 

Bookmark & Performance by Diane Matyas --- I love these little magnetic bookmarks. They are so cute and they stay put on the page.

The book featured is very appropriate as this box is geared towards career women. It's a how-to guide that teaches you skills and tips to be your best on a personal and professional level. 

Wax Melts & Soap --- I may be slightly obsessed with wax melts. I tend to buy a lot of them so I always get excited when I see them in a box. The scent I received is Cashmere and its nice and very subtle. 

I'm also quite fond of soaps and it's one of those items that you can't every have enough of. This Coconut and Honey soap is especially nice and is handmade with essential oils, coconut milk and honey. It smells fantastic!

Stickers & Earbuds --- I'm a slightly OCD person about labeling boxes and things so I love the alphabet stickers. They are fun and sparkly and add a touch of whimsy to my labeling jobs.

I think we can all agree that it never hurts to have a few extra pairs of earbuds lying around. Unfortunately, I have an IPhone 7 and can't use normal earbuds without an adapter but everyone else in my house can use them!

Necklace --- Isn't this just beautiful? I mean, I just really and truly love this. It's bold but classy and stylish all at once. I adore the Mother of Pearl pendant and since it's white, you can pair it u with pretty much anything in your closet. 

EpiFresh moisturizing cream & Nexus Youth Renewal Serum --- I can't find a ton on this particular cream online as it's fairly new and the company is based in Canada but I've seen several wonderful reviews on it. I patch tested it on my hand before I started using it as I have sensitive skin (I suggest you do this with any product!) and had no issues so I've been using it about a week now. It's a thicker cream but it rubs in well and I really am enjoying it. I normally can't do creams because of my oily skin but this one doesn't make me feel overly greasy and that's rare!

Nexus is a brand I know well (hello? Former Cosmetologist here.) and I've always liked their products. I haven't used this one before but I'm always down to try new products. This elixir "helps by conditioning and nourishing your hair. Infused with liquid pearl, nutrients and antioxidants, the volume-lifting polymers help replace your hair’s natural body, often lost with age"

Slip --- I can't tell you the last time I actually wore a slip but now that I have one I wonder why I didn't own one before now. It's such a great item to wear under dresses because it makes the dress lay a bit better and keeps you covered on any areas there things might be a little to sheer. 

 I honestly really really loved this box. There was a lot packed into it and the purse was just beautiful. My only hang up with this particular subscription is the shipping cost if you aren't in Canada but that's really not their fault. Shipping is ridiculous on everything these days. Aside from that, it really is a kick ass box with a nice mix of items and a fantastic and gorgeous new bag!

Thoughts on The Corporate Gal? Share with us!

Disclosure: While this box was received complimentary in exchange for a review, it is honest and unbiased. All thoughts and opinions expressed are solely my own and should be viewed as such. Post may contain affiliate links. 

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