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April 04, 2017

March 2017 Terra Bella Box Review & Coupon


I've been in such a great mood lately. Don't really know why, I just am! The other night, we went bowling with friends and I haven't done that in years. I'm not even close to being as good st it as I once was but I still had an awesome time. The next day was spent with my family and outsider usual heated, but friendly card game. It's been a great week and it's even better when I can share awesome subscriptions like Terra Bella Box with you Dolls!


Terra Bella Box, who kindly sent me this box for review, is a monthly eco Beauty subscription service. The cost is $32.95 per month and each box contains 3-4 natural, small batch, artisan bath and beauty products. While this review is focused on the classic Terra Bella Box, they also feature a 'makeup edit'  box. The awesome thing is that you can switch between the two versions whenever you want! 


I see bath goodies! You all know how happy those particular items make me!


As usual, there is a nicely laid out information card detailing each item you will find waiting for you in the box. Want an added incentive to subscribe? Be sure to use coupon code DDGEXTRA at checkout and you'll find an extra bonus item in your first box!


Wellsmith Shea Butter --- I think we can all benefit from Shea butter. It's such a great, nourishing product for super rough or dry spots on the skin and I love the Blackberry Sage scent!


Wellsmith Herbal Bath Tea --- I've used the Wellsmith bath tea before and I absolutely adore it. This particular mixture is the Relax blend and it's a great addition to a hot bath. Just pour it into the included muslin bag, steep in boiling water, then pour the water into your bath!


Cultivar Daily Moisturizer --- This is a new brand for me but I'm totally loving this! It's a non-greasy, super lightweight moisturizer that deeply penetrates the skin for intense hydration while also balancing the skins tone and texture.


Wellsmith Bath Bomb --- Oh, my most favorite or favorite bath products. This Lavender Vanilla bath bomb is huge and infused with natural oils for a fun fizzy soak that leaves your skin super soft!


Another truly fantastic box filled with the absolute very best in natural skincare. The products are just so fabulous each and every month and it's a box that instantly makes me happy the moment I see it waiting in my mailbox!

Thoughts on Terra Bella Box? Share with us!

Disclosure: While this box was received complimentary in exchange for a review, it is honest and unbiased.

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