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May 27, 2017

April 2017 Emma & Chloe Review

This has been such a hectic month. My son is finally out on summer break though so hopefully our lives can settle and I can relax a bit now! No more end of school field trips, choir concerts, fun days and other activities to distract us now. So now that I have a bit of breathing room, let's talk about the April Emma & Chloe box!

Emma & Chloe, who kindly sent me this box for review, is a Monthly jewelry subscription box. For $35 per month, subscribers will receive an absolutely beautiful piece of Artisan jewelry crafted by French designers. Lovers of special, unique items will adore this because these aren't pieces you are going to find in your local, everyday shop. 

I still love the booklet that comes with the box each month. It features a letter from the editor and lots of other things too.

The featured designer for April is Coralie De Seynes. She started her own line in 2009 after spending 3 years with Hermes and Jean-Paul Gaultier. Her work is characterized by the bohemian, urban, and chic styles and materials like brass, chains, leather, and enamel. 

Twisted Bracelet --- This is beyond amazing, isn't it? It's classy but bold and the twisted, woven look of the gold  gilded brass reminds me of a vintage piece my grandmother gave me years ago. It goes with everything and I just find it ridiculously beautiful. 

The quality of each piece I've received through Emma & Chloe has been pretty impeccable. They are gorgeous, well made, super stylish pieces that completely blow my mind. I love this box so much! 

Thoughts on Emma & Chloe? Share with us!

Disclosure: While this box was received complimentary in exchange for a review, it is honest and unbiased. All thoughts and opinions expressed are solely my own and should be viewed as such. 

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