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May 10, 2017

April 2017 Terra Bella Box Review & Coupon

Sorry for the extended absence this past week, my Dolls. I fell down the Netflix rabbit hole thanks to The OA, 13 Reasons Why and Sense8. Three fantastic shows that are like a drug and you have no choice but to binge watch them until your eyes hurt. Seriously, if you haven't watched them, I highly recommend you do! Now that I've surfaced for air though, let's take a look at the April Terra Bella Box!

Terra Bella Box, who kindly sent me this box for review, is a monthly eco Beauty subscription service. The cost is $32.95 per month and each box contains 3-4 natural, small batch, artisan bath and beauty products. While this review is focused on the classic Terra Bella Box, they also feature a 'makeup edit'  box. The awesome thing is that you can switch between the two versions whenever you want! 

Looks like we have a great mix of products this month. Not that I'd expect any less! Looks pretty great, huh? Want an added incentive to subscribe? Be sure to use coupon code DDGEXTRA at checkout and you'll find an extra bonus item in your first box!

The included card gives you all the details onn each product featured in this month's box. 

Abbey Lane Farm Solid Perfume --- I don't think I've ever actually tried a solid perfume but it's totally my new favorite thing to toss in my bag and go.  It has a base made with coconut oil, locally harvested Beeswax and jojoba oil infused with pure essential oils.  This particular scent is Spring Blossom and it's really a lovely blend of bergamot, clary sage, ylang ylang, cedarwood, and neroli.

Red Bird Natural Sunkissed Shampoo Bar --- I've come to love shampoo bars thanks in large part to subscription boxes.  This one has a clean, fresh scent thanks to the lavender, sage, and tea tree essential oils infused in the bar. 

Meraki Botanicals Toothpaste --- Natural toothpaste is one thing I just can't do. My ridiculously sensitive teeth just won't allow it, sadly.  It's made with vegan, organic ingredients and fee of harsh chemicals you may find in regular toothpaste. 

Eco Skin Naturals Post Shave Gel --- This.... this I adore! I've had such an issue with razor burn on my legs lately and this has helped immensely. It's made with 10% essential oils and 90% Aloe. It's so soothing and cooling on my legs but it can be used on the face and body. 

I don't know why I try to sum this box up at the end because you Dolls already know how deep my love of Terra Bella Box (and the products the feature) runs. The always show us the very best in natural, artisanal beauty and each box is a delight to open!

Thoughts on Terra Bella Box? Share with us!

Disclosure: While this box was received complimentary in exchange for a review, it is honest and unbiased. All views and opinions expressed in this article are solely that of the author and should be viewed as such. 

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