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September 14, 2017

August 2017 Uppercase Box Review

The home repairs continue... ugh. I thought I was nearly done painting things but now my house insurance gives us a laundry list of "suggested" improvements we need to make and it's right back to work we go! Of course, these are super exhausting, time consuming projects but I'm trying hard to not fall too far behind with the reviews! That brings us to today's matter at hand, the August Uppercase Box.

If you don't know, Uppercase Box is a monthly book subscription service. Each month, subscribers will receive a newly released, signed YA novel along with a couple bookish goodies. They have to plans available: The Expert plan is $23.00 per month (plus s+h) and the Book Exclusive plan is normally $17.00 per month but is currently on sale for $13.99 (plus s+h). This review is for the Book Exclusive box.

Inside your Uppercase Box, you'll find a nice little letter from the founder, Lisa, that lists the items featured and why she chose the month's featured novel. 

Included is the usual Bookmark that lets you access the best part of Uppercase - the exclusive content to amp up your reading experience! Also, sometimes the book only subscription comes with a little extra something inside. This time it's a little notepad!

Everything All At Once by Katrina Leno --- Now this sounds interesting! Here's the book synopsis from Goodreads:

"Lottie Reeves has always struggled with anxiety, and when her beloved Aunt Helen dies, Lottie begins to fear that her own unexpected death might be waiting around every corner.

Aunt Helen wasn’t a typical aunt. She was the author of the best–selling Alvin Hatter series, about siblings who discover the elixir of immortality. Her writing inspired a generation of readers. 

In her will, she leaves one last writing project—just for Lottie. It’s a series of letters, each containing mysterious instructions designed to push Lottie out of her comfort zone. Soon, Lottie’s trying some writing of her own, leaping off cliffs, and even falling for a boy she’s only just met. Then the letters reveal an extraordinary secret about the inspiration for the Alvin Hatter series. Lottie finds herself faced with an impossible choice, one that will force her to confront her greatest fear once and for all."

Pretty! As always, the book is signed by the author, but this time it's on a special color page that features the Uppercase logo!

I know I've mentioned it before but I love Uppercase for several reasons but the biggest one has to be the Lisa's book pick each month. She always manages to find books that are well written, have a engaging plot, and usually they aren't titles I would have ever chosen on my own. I'm very often taken out of my literary comfort zone and it's a wonderful experience when that happens!

Thoughts on Uppercase Box? Share with us!

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