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September 24, 2017

September 2017 The Pampered Period Box Review

Oh my,how my arms hurt. My arms, my back, my poor, poor dry blistered hands.... everything hurts. I love painting. 'Why pay someone to do it when I can do it myself?", I always say . Only I forgot how much trouble it is to paint an entire house made from cedar wood. Next time, I'm renting a paint sprayer! Since we are nearly finished with half of the house, I figure it's time to take a breather, chill out, and open up a box or two. First up - The Pampered Period Box.

The Pampered Period Box, who kindly sent me this box for review, is a monthly women's subscription service.  The cost is $57 per month and it's all about delivering 'finely curated holistic menstrual health support and remedies as well as luxurious self care products designed to help you develop deep self care. The products featured each month are different and carefully curated with high quality in mind. We seek to empower you with beauty and health.'

Holy crap there is a ton of stuff in here. They weren't kidding about this being a luxury pampering box, were they?!

Included is a really lovely letter from the founder of the box and a very detailed information sheet that lists each product you received in this month's shipment. 

Facial Steam --- I actually use these a lot! It's an aromatic botanical facial steam made by Safiya Botanicals. It's 100% natural and made with certified organic & locally grown herbs. It opens up your pores and lets you get a truly deep clean and it just feels fabulous and refreshing! 

Zena Moon Candle --- Candles make me happy. I love the swirls of color and the tangerine scent is lovely. It's s daily affirmation Candle to burn in quiet moments alone when you want to regroup and replenish. 

Wine Lips Lip Scrub --- 3 things I love: cute packaging, beauty products, and wine. This checks all three marks! Seriously, if you don't like this scrub, you are insane. It's made by Badgerface Beauty Supply It's handmade and made with beeswax, coconut oil, cocoa butter, alkanet root powder, vitamin E, sunflower oil, granulated sugar, and natural flavors. Just scrub your lips for a fresh, soft, and  plump pout! 

Code Red by Lisa Lister --- I don't know about you Dolls, but reading is one of the things that relaxes me the most, so a book is a perfect addition to this box! Here's the synopsis from Amazon: 

"There’s a code. 
A lady code. 
It’s ancient, it’s deeply spiritual and more than that, it’s powerful. Fiercely powerful. 
So powerful that it’s barely been spoken about in over 2,000 years. 
Your menstrual cycle. 

Yep, your period is way more than PMS, carb cravings and lady rage, your menstrual cycle/period/ragtime/ – insert whatever you call your ’time of the month’ here – is actually a 4-part lady code, that once cracked, will uncover a series of monthly superpowers that can be used to enhance your relationships with others, build a better business, have incredible sex + create a ‘bloody’ amazing life. 

Code Red, from the creatrix of www.thesassyshe.com, Lisa Lister, is a call to action. A rallying cry that dares you to explore, navigate and most importantly, love your lady landscape. 

You'll learn how to live and work in complete alignment with the rhythms of nature, the moon and your menstrual cycle, be inspired by insights from Wise + Wild Women like MegganvWatterson, Alexandra Pope + Uma Dinsmore Tuli and gain access to easy-to-follow strategies and SHE Flow yoga practices. You'll be invited to connect with your true nature as a woman, tap into the transformational power of your innate feminine wisdom and use your menstrual cycle as an ever-unfolding map to crack your lady code. 

Acupressure Mat --- I admit, at first I was very confused about this, but it's actually very cool. It's an acupressure for pad and the goal is to stand on it 10-15 minutes per day (which, I won't lie, is a bit of a daunting task in the beginning). It hits loads of pressure points that work all over to do things like loosen up your feet and to realign your body and it's systems. I noticed that ovaries and the uterus are part of that so maybe s little holistic acupressure will help me with my fertility issues since modern medicine is getting us nowhere at this point! 

Bath Bomb --- ok, so, this is one of my favorite bath bombs ever! This lovely little gem is made by etsy shop CountryMarketCrafts and the scent is Midnight Fig. It has swirls of fine gold glitter and flower petals that add to the deep purple color it turns the water. There's a short video up on my Instagram page (@dixiedollsglow) if you want to see it in action! 

Dandelion Menstrual Cup & Feminine Wipes --- The Healthy HooHoo wipes are soft, gentle natural cleansing wipes that are ph balanced to compliment a woman's natural chemistry. The are moisturizing, Paraben-free, Fragrance-free, and they gently removes odor causing bacterias. 

As I have no experience with menstrual cups, I'm going to give you the description straight for dandelioncup.com 

"The Dandelion Cup is a safe, reusable alternative to tampons made of FDA approved, medical grade silicone. It sits low in your vaginal canal and is held in place by your vaginal muscles. The Dandelion Cup gives you the freedom and confidence to swim, exercise, dance and travel, all without worry of leakage or having enough menstrual supplies in your bag. Suitable for women of all ages, the Dandelion Cup is safe to use overnight and can be used from your very first period to your last."

Small tote --- That s little burlap tote is the perfect size and a super discrete place to keep your feminine products and pampering supplies! 

If you are looked no for a truly luxurious box to aid with the time of the month we ladies absolutely loathe, this is definitely a box you want to check out. It's full of pampering goodness and I absolutely loved this box!

Thoughts on The Pampered Period Box? Share with us!

Disclosure: While this box was received complimentary in exchange for a review, it is honest and unbiased. All views and opinions expressed are solely my own. Post contains affiliate links. 

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