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About Me

I was obsessed with beauty and fashion at a very early age. Back then, we didn't have the joys of the Internet but what I did have were stacks upon stacks of magazines. I'd spend hours combing through them, snipping and pasting every tip or trick I loved into my own little fashion/beauty book. And I loved every minute of it.

After I grew up... marriage, babies, all that good stuff, I decided to pursue my love of beauty and became a licensed cosmetologist.  While I loved the hair industry, I still felt like something was missing. It was then I realized I needed to meld my love of beauty and style with my other passion - writing.

That's how Dixie Dolls Glow came to be. I write for myself, but also for the masses who share my same interests.  I love finding amazing (and occasionally the not so great) products and services I feel everyone needs to know. I never dreamed DDG would get to the point it is now. I love my readers, my darling dolls,  and I thank each and every one of you for helping me along this cyberspace runway!


- Mags 

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